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Legal and Corporate

  • Establishment of new Companies, Mercantile and Civil Contracts
  • Merger and Acquisition of Businesses
  • Wealth Structuring  Individual and Family Equity
  • Tax Planning Wealth of Family with high value added equity
  • Business and Corporate Reorganizations
  • Tax Advisory in Inheritance and Donations
  • Tax recovery
  • Taxpayer Defense before the Tax Authority and Courts with respect to the taxes
  • Tax Consulting


  • Legal Due Diligence and tributary
  • Reviews for Business  Acquisition´s purposes
  • Advice on the definition of Income Tax methodology
  • Tax treatment of foreign investment and payments to abroad
  • Act as Representative before the Tax Authorities
  • Tax diagnosis
  • Preparation of Income Tax Return (Individual and Corporate)
  • Compliance with Accessory Obligations on Sales Tax  and Fiscal books (Federal, State and Municipal)
  • Compliance with accounting, statutory, tax, paralegal and labor obligations.
  • Tax Auditing
  • IES; Taxation of International Executives

Transfer Pricing Reports

The main object of this examination is oriented to the study of the transfer pricing according to the international standards and the recommendations issued by the Organization for the Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

For this purpose, and according to the financial statements and Profits and Loss statements and complementary documents provided by the client, we proceed to elaborate our study of transfer pricing, which will serve the Client as justifying document before the SII of his transactions with related entities.

We identify and analyze the current risks that could face a company, while carrying out transactions with related entities abroad, and recommend policies, measures and procedures to mitigate liabilities in possible audits made by the Internal Revenue Service, and to adequately support intercompany transactions.

It consists on assisting the Client in every administrative and judicial litigations, before the SII and the courts of justice.

This service consists on the permanent counsel in transfer pricing matters, by giving all information or requirement submitted by the Client, regarding transfer pricing issues, be it in the revision of his transactions and operations with related or bound entities, as well as in the drafting of the contracts and of the transactions’ sustaining documents.

The objective of this consultancy is to identify and analyze the current risks that could face a company, carrying out transactions with related or abroad, in order to recommend policies, measures and procedures to mitigate risks solution to a possible audit by of the Internal Revenue Service (SII), in order to adequately support intercompany transactions.

Our goal is to transmit to the companies the importance that Transfer Pricing has for them. We provide training to the company’s personnel. That is more related to this issue.
In the training we explain the factors that explain this matter and the steps and aspects of a Transfer Pricing Report. A practical approach is given by the study of cases related to the company’s transactions with related entities abroad.

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